Abaraxka Hostel

There are hostels that are on the road, that we find on our way to some where, hostels just stop by … but then, there is a hostel that is also a destination: It is called Abaraxka.

A beautiful and quiet place, located at one of the highest points of Azkoitia, just between the town, and the mountains, and as if it were a natural balcony, allows to look out at the Urola Valley through which runs the river of the same name, and just by the Itzarraitz massif, with the Erlo, Kakute and Xoxote mountains.

The “Camino Ignaciano” (Ignacio´s path) is also near the the privileged location of Abaraxka, and at only 3 kilometers away, the Basilica of Loiola, in the village of Azpeitia, where rest the remains of San Ignacio de Loiola; not far we can also find the ruins of Munoaundi on Mount Txalintxo, a fortified town from the Iron Age.

By Abaraxka, there is also a greenway for bicycle excursions, hiking, or any activity related to nature. And Abaraxka is just fifteen minutes away, by car or bus, from Zestoa and the famous Ekain cave, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; twenty-five minutes from of Itzurun, in Zumaia, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Basque coast where you can also admire its cliffs or enjoy the 8 km along the cost up to Deba, in what is known as the flysch route, a German word that designates the formations of rock layers of sedimentary origin with which our planet tells us its life through the years; 30 kilometers away is Zarautz, base of Basque surfing and international events for those who practice this sport. Equidistant from the four Basque capitals, Abaraxka is 40 kilometers from San Sebastián and Bilbao and a little more from Vitoria and Pamplona.

Abaraxka (honeycomb in english), as a good hostel, has available to those who visit us, comfortable rooms for 2, 4 and 8 people. As a proper honeycomb it offers too, for the queen bee, a unique “cell” of two floors, three bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and terrace. For seminars, workshops or activities for groups of people the hostel also has large rooms, a terrace and a lounge, among other services such as free wifi and parking, elevator, central heating system, spaces for people with reduced mobility and outdoor areas perfect for children.

In the same building is the restaurant of Mikel Uría, a great option for either breakfast, lunch or dinner; and Bizilore, an educational project in which children learn to make honey out of life.

Abaraxka: The advantages of being close without the inconveniences of being in the center!